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Kano stainless steel pipe suppliers have expressed the following reasons

date:2019-05-18 hits98480
stainless steel pipe suppliers have expressed the following reasons A number of stainless steel pipe suppliers have expressed the following reasons when they talked to Zheheng Steel:

Pipe price has buffer
Recently, the market for stainless steel 304 fluctuated frequently - rising - falling - rising again, and weakly stabilized by the drive of Lun Nickel.

However, as "not downstream downstream, not upstream upstream", stainless steel pipe suppliers lags behind the market response of its raw material - stainless steel coil.

The price of stainless steel raw materials has risen, and the pipe has to be buffered for more than a week to increase the price. This is only possible if the purchase is smooth and the market demand is normal.

Just want to pull up and be splashed
The stainless steel pipe experienced the price war in June, and the lowest price of 304 pipe did not include tax of 11,700 yuan / ton. Many pipe factories were exhausted.

In particular, before the price increase of this wave of stainless steel, the bottom-selling or the low-selling stainless steel pipe suppliers are not many.

When the price of stainless steel coils stabilized slightly, accompanied by the continuous speculation of nickel prices, the news of carbon de-capacity and other sources boosted the market, and the market began to purchase.

However, at this time, the supplier is closed!

Ok, I didn't copy it to the end, the cost pressure is great, then the price will increase, and some stainless steel pipe suppliers have already been raised, and you are in control! Stimulating the order, stimulating the delivery of goods, is to give a buffer time to increase prices.

However, at this time, the flame of rising prices only burned, and suddenly there was a heavy rain: the price fell! The price fell and the market price fell.

The dealer said: I have also raised the price, I have told you that the raw materials will go up and fall down. What reason are you raising prices now?
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