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Kano Wenzhou stainless steel pipe suppliers How can we make a good product?

date:2019-05-18 hits97202
Wenzhou stainless steel pipe suppliers How can we make a good product? Customers and users who sell and use "zheheng steel" stainless steel pipe are not afraid of "zheheng steel". What is the reason? Wenzhou stainless steel pipe suppliers "zheheng steel" Xiaobian to share with you:

It is often said that word of mouth is transmitted by users. The quality is carefully created by people. The brand is achieved by the persistence of quality. "zheheng steel" is to grasp the core "quality" of these three, the quality of Wenzhou stainless steel tube not only pay attention to the inner quality, but also pay attention to the appearance quality. For wenzhou stainless steel pipe suppliers, the key to the quality is the purchase of raw materials. Zheheng steel only uses refined steel strips in the purchase of raw materials, adheres to the principle of brand supremacy and standard consistency, and is the inner quality of Xiwo Steel Pipe. Escort.

In order to ensure the beauty of the details of the "zheheng steel" stainless steel pipe, the company pays special attention at the cost, and specializes in the separation of the 201 and 304 branches. This ensures that there is no material chaotic flow in the "zheheng steel" pipe. In the hands of customers, consumers are deceived. Because of the difference in hardness between 201 and 304 materials, it is easy to be injured on the surface of the mold due to the harder 201. If the same mold is used to produce the surface of 304, it is more likely to have many defects such as strains. , and zheheng steel in order to reduce these surface defects at all costs at the factory and the independent production of the machine, is the "zheheng steel" tube surface defects are less important factors.

In order to make quality products, in addition to raw materials and equipment, the most critical factor is people. At present, many companies make a fuss about labor costs for the company to make more profits. We want to make the best products with the lowest labor cost. The rules of the market and the win-win rules pursued by enterprises are contrary to each other. If employees can't earn money, they will not be able to serve the company with peace of mind. If they don't feel at ease, they will not do things with care. It is a nonsense to do a good job. The "zheheng steel" is the production concept of "the cost can be unlimited, but the quality must have the bottom line". It uses more than 30% of the unit price of the same industry to attract and leave the technical operators of our production line. Employees have a stable technical team with a sense of belonging, they do their best to do things with due diligence, and the stability of quality has a strong guarantee.



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