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Kano stainless steel pipe large diameter has broken through!

date:2019-05-17 hits95434
stainless steel pipe large diameter has broken through! stainless steel pipe large diameter has broken through!

Recently, mass production of nuclear-grade stainless steel pipe large diameter with diameters of 813, 914, 1016 mm, wall thickness of 30-50 mm and length of 6-8 m has been realized, which indicates that China has once again achieved production of large-diameter stainless steel extruded steel pipes. A major breakthrough. This large-size, thick-walled seamless stainless steel tube fills the gap in the domestic market, breaking the high quality requirements of this type, the difficulty of process control, and the long-term dependence of high-end varieties on imports.

This technological breakthrough marks a new chapter in the production of stainless steel pipe large diameter such as nuclear power, petrochemical, coal chemical and other fields for high-temperature, high-pressure, high-corrosion hydrocracking and oxygen pipelines. .

Since the beginning of this year, the company's exclusive or alternative high-end products of imported varieties have increased significantly in its product range, reaching more than 60%. At the same time, the proportion of direct suppliers exceeds 50%, and the competitiveness and efficiency of enterprises have increased significantly.
stainless steel pipe large diameter is not only a difficult point for high-end manufacturing, but also a key material. The company will continue to take advantage of technology and equipment, continuously strengthen process management, improve process technology, adhere to independent innovation, promote high-quality development, and provide users with urgently needed large-caliber projects. The stainless steel pipe will drive the development of the upstream and downstream industrial chain and related manufacturing industries, and contribute to accelerating the construction of a manufacturing power and accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing.



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