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Kano What are the environmental protection measures for stainless steel pipe fittings

date:2018-12-31 hits87353
What are the environmental protection measures for stainless steel pipe fittings What are the environmental protection measures for stainless steel pipe fittings?
1. Establish a civilized construction responsibility system and implement a zone-based responsibility system.
2. Arrange the construction and construction machinery according to the general plan of the construction unit, and stack the materials, finished products and semi-finished products. Buried temporary pipelines and erection of lighting and power lines.
3. Set up the project at the entrance of the construction site to introduce the signage. The surrounding signs, installation signs, waterproof signs and billboards should be clearly visible around the site. The construction site should be equipped with fire-fighting equipment as required, and sent by special personnel.
4. Material stacking should be done according to the classification of finished products and semi-finished products, neatly stacked according to specifications, clear signs, and timely recycling of excess materials. Stacking of materials and tools should not occupy roads and construction areas. On-site warehouses and prefabricated yards should be clean and safe inside and outside. .
5. Noise must be controlled during construction so as not to affect the normal rest and life of the surrounding people.
6. Establish a sanitary sanitation area, set up temporary garbage dumps, and timely clean up the garbage and corners of the materials in order to clear the work.
7. Always keep the construction site level and the road and drainage unobstructed, so that there is no roadblock and no water.
8. Establish cost-saving measures to eliminate constant flow and constant light.
9. Establish finished product protection measures in accordance with the profession and implement them conscientiously.
10. Pay attention to the maintenance and management of the temporary construction in the process of use, so that after the completion of the project, it will be dismantled and restored to normal state.

Through the introduction of the stainless steel pipe fittings model specifications, classification, weight calculation formula, thickness measurement method, performance, hardness and construction environmental protection measures! I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of stainless steel pipe fittings! It should be noted that with the development of society, stainless steel pipe fittings are increasingly being applied to petroleum, chemical, boiler, environmental protection, machinery, automobiles, etc., and are favored by the majority of users. Stainless steel pipe fittings are safe, reliable, hygienic and environmentally friendly, and economically applicable. They have many advantages that other pipes are irreplaceable. Therefore, there are more and more applications in engineering, and the use is becoming more and more popular, and the prospects are more promising. Some experts predict that stainless steel pipe fittings will bring new changes in various fields.




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